Get a golf course membership with Vargo Golf company. Having many beautiful golf courses within a close proximity, gives VGC a major advantage over the competition. Why have a golf membership for one public course, when you can have a golf membership for many for just a little more? Please see each course membership pages for specific pricing.

Vargo Tour Card


Vargo Properties offer a Vargo Tour Card that discounts open play across the board at all properties. These cards can be purchased at any of the golf courses and come with a free round of golf that day.

It pays for itself fast. Ask for one early in the season before they sell out! VTC card golf members also get discounts on some choice golf tournaments specifically for our appreciation of their patronage.
Print Membership Forms for the Vargo Tour Card 2017

Advertising Partnerships

Exmembershipsceptional playing conditions and unmatched personal service are the defining characteristics that help set The Vargo Golf Company Courses apart from other locations, and make it the perfect place for corporate entertaining, employee rewards or just plain fun! Contact the course near you for available spots!Your company sign has the potential of 50,000 looks each season on our tee boxes.


Advertise Your Company

Vargo Golf Corporate SponsorshipsPlay a little and advertise alot! All Vargo golf properties offer a great business advertising program to get you and your clients playing golf! Golf throughout the year with an annual golf membership or purchase a multi – course option to golf at more locations. Vargo golf courses are in Metro Detroit and surrounding areas. Invest in the tee box of your choice, and your company info remains there all season long.