Golf Courses in Michigan

Golf Courses in Michigan get off to a slow start for 2014

Vargo Golf Michigan golf courses are just waking up from the worst winter in decades. This winter has proposed many hurdles from the excessive snow and ice coverage as well as extreme low temperatures. The snow and ice has caused damage to Poa Annua on greens, especially low lying areas on greens.

Also there has been a lot of turf damage from mice burrowing through turf being very active with all the snow cover.A recent convention at Oakland Hills hosted professors from MSU and also the USGA. Their report issued was that this is widespread damage throughout the Detroit area.

Turf growing conditions are measured in degree days. Usually by April 1st, we have 10-30 degree days. This year we were at zero. What does this mean? Expect current conditions to be like the first week of March right now. The turf is still sleeping and will take some time to wake up. Areas damaged by ice will be even slower to heal and will most likely need some help through seeding and verticutting.

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